Mission Statement

Gotta blog, gotta write, gotta get it going cuz we’re still in the night.

Gotta sing, gotta dance, gotta do all this cuz it’s in my denim pants.

This blog exists because it must; that's basically it.  But what's it about?  That's a good question albeit in naughty grammar (albeit commonly accepted, so much so that perhaps it's now a moot point).

Being in my third decade of existence I've amassed 30+ years of experiences.  Some have been extraordinary, others quite mundane.  I just want to tell you my story so that you may benefit - either by seeing what not to do in case you were ever considering doing something similar or in rare instances by doing something similar.  Take that chance!  Try that risk!  

We all have our stories to tell.  Yes, we all.  That means you.  That's one of the points of life, of living in community with each other - all of us telling our stories to one another and building each other up in the faith.  Oops - I just let slip a certain aspect of myself - more on that and much more as the blog unfolds every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the read!