Friday, January 13, 2012

Prepaaaare foooor the neeeeeew!

So, Boot Camp is over and I've been at "A" school for a week now where I'll be training for the next six months to become a Mass Communication Specialist (MC).  It's a program involving training in basic journalism, video production, public affairs and more.  So far it's been great, but I can't get too far into that until there's something to contrast it with, e.g.: Boot Camp.

For the time being, I'll get a post up at least once a week until I get into a groove with my new schedule.  In the meantime, here's a link to a blog of another MC, specifically to a post featuring another MC in Hawaii and a video he produced in his spare time.  It's really neat, and my people from 907 should check it out, too - y'all know who you are!

"I am your eyes" - Telling the U.S. Navy Story

Watch this video:

The video itself:

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  1. Why is the abbreviation "MC"? What happened to the Specialist? ;)