Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Notes - 3 Is a Magic Number

The Picture Pages Edition...after el yump.

1) I've never been a math guy, but I think nowadays I'd get into it.  Nevertheless, I fully appreciate this graphic representation of a fundamental equation:

2) When George Lucas changed the ending of Return of the Jedi I was like, :-/
But then I see what he's planning for the 3D release and I'm like, 8-)

3) As of this post Cliff's Blog is on a 2-3 week hiatus.  This run, since July 25, has been great!  It's been an exercise in self-discipline in getting things up according to the scheduled times and from the feedback I've gotten I'm accomplishing what I hoped: posting thought-provoking, smile-inducing content.  However, at this point my dual commitments to the blog and to training for the Navy are starting to fight with each other.  So for the next couple of weeks I'll be devoting my time to pre-Boot Camp training and then, after the hard part (when I'm in NC for ten days), I'll devote my free time to developing enough content to last the 9 weeks I'll be incommunicado.

Thank you, dear readers!  See you in a couple weeks!

Photo Credits: Cos B - from my friend Michael on Facebook; ROTJ Super-Sweet Edition, forum member Toadofsky of

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